Job Groups

Job Groups allow you to group together all required parts, labor, notes, etc., for a specific repair procedure in order to separate items used for different repair procedures on the same work document.
  • Example -  A Job Group labeled "Brake Job" might include part items such as: brake pads, rotors, drums, shoes, etc.; labor cost; or notes that include wear observations, etc.)

Create a new Job Group

  1. From the document creation screen, select +Create Job Group at the top of the Add Item menu.
  2. Enter a name for your job group in the Add a job group title section.
  3. Select from the following options on the Add Item menu:

    • AD Parts & Labor - Search the ALLDATA Parts and Labor catalog.
    • Custom Part - Enter a DescriptionPart No., QtyPrice.
    • Custom Labor - Enter a DescriptionRateQtyPrice.
    • Flat Fee - Enter a Description and Price.
    • AutoZone Parts - Search to add parts from the AutoZone Parts catalog. 
    • NexPart Catalog - Search the NexPart Multi-Seller catalog to add parts from various parts sources.
    • Symptoms & DTCs - Select from a list of system-created symptoms or DTC descriptions. 
    • Note - Enter a Description to one of the following:
      • Custom Note
      • Customer Concern
      • Work Performed
      • Tech Note
      • Tech Recommendation


  4. Continue adding line items until the job is complete.
  5. Select Save Job Group.

Job Group Options

  • Add an item to a Job Group
    1. Select +Add Item to Job Group.
    2. Add items from the Add Item menu as required.
    3. Click Save Job Group.
  • Add a duplicate copy of the Job Group to the document
    1. Select the more actions button (three dots).
    2. Click Clone.
  • Save the Job Group as a Shop Job to be used again later
    1. Select the more actions button (three dots).
    2.  Click Create Shop Job.
      create shop job
  • Rearrange line items
    • Click and hold to drag line items up and down within a Job Group or to move a line item into or out of a Job Group.