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In March, Hyundai released collision repair information for 20 Hyundai and Genesis models, including 2019-2023 models. ALLDATA Collision now includes these new structural repair procedures, material guidelines, and more for all 20 vehicles to enable shops to repair them safely and accurately.

Did you know that the average comeback costs a shop $237? We're here so you can fix it right the first time
HV Battery - 600
HV Battery - 335

What happens to a hybrid or electric vehicle’s high-voltage (HV) battery or battery pack at the end of its life? Do they get recycled or tossed into a landfill? The good news is, HV batteries can be recycled, but you must do so using explicit steps and safety procedures.

Inspections - tablet
Inspections - tablet

How ALLDATA Inspections streamlines your workflow

When your customers come in for repairs, is your shop still handwriting vehicle check-ins and inspections? If so, you’re not alone. It is estimated that about 25% of shops or more still do. But that’s changing!


Numerous Chevy Volt owners have complained about a clicking sound that comes and goes while driving, occasionally illuminating the Stabilitrak lamp. The lamp will sometimes reset after an ignition cycle.


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Interview with President Satwinder Mangat, Part 2

In January, we published Part 1 of our interview with ALLDATA President Satwinder Mangat, which featured a look back at 2022 highlights as well as the trends and technologies affecting the repair industry in 2023.

New add-on product for ALLDATA Repair provides OEM labour times for accurate estimates

COLOGNE, Germany – Feb. 1, 2023 – ALLDATA Europe GmbH, an affiliate of ALLDATA LLC, an AutoZone company, has announced ALLDATA Labour Times, a new add-on product for ALLDATA Repair® that provides quick access to OEM labour times.

Northside Collision, San Antonio
Northside Collision, San Antonio

Northside Collision Paint & Body Inc. in San Antonio, TX, was established in 2001, when Mark Gutierrez - a longtime Allstate agent with no collision repair experience - purchased a small body shop, determined to set a higher standard for collision repair in the area.

Neues Zusatzprodukt für ALLDATA Repair liefert OEM-Richtzeiten für genaue Kalkulationen

KÖLN, Deutschland – 01. Feb. 2023 – ALLDATA Europe GmbH, eine Tochtergesellschaft von ALLDATA LLC, einem AutoZone-Unternehmen, kündigt ALLDATA Labour Times für den europäischen Markt an, ein neues Zusatzprodukt für ALLDATA Repair®, welches einen schnellen Zugriff auf OEM-Richtzeiten ermöglicht.

New year 2023
New year 2023

The new year is here, and the opportunities are plentiful. All of us have the desire to improve on the things we did right in 2022. If you are a shop owner or manager, there are some ways you can make tangible improvements that will improve your financials and make coming to work a bit more enjoyable for your team and your customers.

SatConf - 600
SatConf - 335

Interview with Satwinder Mangat, President, ALLDATA

The ALLDATA News staff recently sat down with ALLDATA President Satwinder Mangat to get his feedback on SEMA, thoughts on technology trends affecting the auto repair industry, and what’s next for ALLDATA.

Who Pays 22 - 600
Who Pays 22 - 335

You know how much hard work it takes to get customers’ vehicles back on the road safely. When it comes to maximizing your return, it pays to know how often other shops across the country are being reimbursed by the insurers for the same procedures.

Luckily, the results of the latest Who Pays for What? survey do just that, providing a goldmine of valuable information that could directly improve your bottom line.

PTEN Award 600
PTEN Award 335

ALLDATA was recently honored with two PTEN Innovation Awards: one for ADAS Quick Reference and the other for the new Instructor Toolkit. .

ALLDATA President Satwinder Mangat accepted the two PTEN Innovation Awards on behalf of the company at an event held during the AAPEX show in Las Vegas earlier this month.


A&J Automotive Repair and Fleet Services, a family fleet success story

I recently had to the pleasure to interview Adam Inocelda, co-owner of A&J Automotive Repair and Fleet Service. When I visited the shop, I noted that it was very organized and well-lit. They had plenty of lifts, tools and equipment. Most of the bays were full. Early into the interview, I realized that their success hinged on some unique business practices.

SEMA 2022
SEMA 2022

The winners of the coveted SEMA Show New Product Showcase Awards were announced November 1 in Las Vegas. ALLDATA won in the ADAS System Category for the addition of ADAS Quick Reference to ALLDATA Repair® and ALLDATA Collision®.

PTEN People's choice
PTEN People's choice

PTEN magazine has announced the results of its 2022 People’s Choice Award program, which calls on its readers to vote for the tools and equipment they prefer from the Innovation Awards program.

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Schoonover - 335

2022 FenderBender Award winner Mike Schoonover

Mike Schoonover, owner/operator of Schoonover Bodyworks & Glass in Shoreview, Minn., is the winner of the 2022 FenderBender Award for the “Finest in Collision Repair,” an honor he describes as “Very humbling, and also very cool.” In addition to being a loyal ALLDATA customer for more than 15 years, Schoonover attributes his shop’s success to always focusing on what’s right for the customer, always doing high-quality work, and always providing great customer service.

ELK GROVE, Calif. – Oct. 18, 2022 – ALLDATA, an AutoZone company, has announced the latest update to its shop management software solutions. ALLDATA Shop Manager now includes Nexpart Multi-Seller parts ordering, giving customers 24/7 access to leading parts suppliers, in addition to the AutoZone parts catalog currently available.

ELK GROVE, Calif. – Oct. 10, 2022 – ALLDATA, the automotive industry’s leading OEM repair information provider, has announced the addition of ALLDATA Inspections to its suite of shop management solutions. ALLDATA Inspections gives shops the ability to jumpstart the customer check-in process and perform digital vehicle inspections (DVIs) curbside.


The latest update to ALLDATA Shop Manager now includes Nexpart Multi-Seller parts ordering, giving customers 24/7 access to leading parts suppliers, in addition to the AutoZone parts catalog currently available.

SEMA 2022
SEMA 2022

The countdown is on to the 2022 SEMA Show and there’s plenty to be excited about! Whether you’re a loyal customer or just kicking the tires, stop by ALLDATA Booth #31067 to say hello! Catch up on our latest enhancements and get a hands-on look at our industry-leading OEM repair information products, diagnostic tools, and shop management software. And of course, score the best deals of the year!  


We’ve just launched ALLDATA Inspections, an exciting new addition to our suite of shop management solutions. Inspections makes it easy for shops to jumpstart the customer check-in process curbside and perform digital vehicle inspections (DVIs).

VSP-OEM - 600
VSP-OEM - 335

A successful repair starts with the right parts, the right training, the proper equipment and an understanding of the latest repair procedures. As vehicles on the road today become more and more sophisticated with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), lidar-based autonomous driving systems, and other new technology, the proper OEM repair and calibration procedures have become ever more ...

Skyline College
Skyline College


This summer, ALLDATA met with Thomas Broxholm, the program coordinator of the automotive program at Skyline College in San Bruno, CA. We were able to talk a little about himself, the program, and the future of automotive education. Read our interview with him below:

PTEN - 600
PTEN - 335

The 2022 PTEN Innovations Awards have been announced and ALLDATA was honored with wins in two categories: ADAS and Training. PTEN’s coveted Innovation Awards program recognizes “… the most cutting-edge automotive tools and equipment that entered the market in 2021.”

The award winners are based on the rankings of the PTEN panel of professional automotive judges, who score each nominated product based on five criteria: time savings, task simplification, uniqueness, level of improvement over current tool, and ease of use. 

RDN - 600
RDN - 335

College collision repair department heads and a recent graduate say the industry as a whole needs to get behind pulling kids’ interest to the skills it takes to become technicians at younger ages.

And that’s just what Metropolitan Community College (MCC) in Omaha, Nebraska is doing through its summer camps focused on kids ages 10-12, called “College for Kids,” and “College for Teens” for ages 14-17. The first group of 10-12-year-olds spent a day last week learning about the uses of and differences between rigid and flexible foam with an I-CAR frame rail demonstration. They also learned about tools used in collision repair. The same topics will be covered with a second group this week.

H Ford Plant 600
HFord line 335

In celebration of Independence Day, we wanted to highlight some contributions that this great country has made to the automotive industry. Although the U.S. was not the birthplace of the automobile (that credit would go to Carl Benz in 1886 Germany), the impact the U.S. has had on the automotive industry is undeniable. Let’s take a look at a few of the many highlights that have made the U.S. an automotive powerhouse.

EV Charging - 600
EV Charging - 335

Demand for electric vehicles continues to grow as gas prices hover around a record-high national average of $5 per gallon. Sales in Q1 2022 of 173,561 electric vehicles represents an increase of 76 percent from Q1 2021.

Affordable electric vehicles continue to be in short supply while the Tesla Model Y accounted for nearly one out of every three new U.S. electric vehicles registered in the first quarter of 2022. A recent report tracking car owner ratings, shows Tesla tops the list of most satisfied customers in the entire auto industry.

ASE - 600
ASE - 335

May 18, 2022—The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has announced the introduction of a new Advanced Driver Assistant Systems Specialist Certification test.

According to a press release, this test is specifically designed to help identify that technicians have knowledge of the skill sets required to service, calibrate, and diagnose ADAS on vehicles.

Did you know that the average comeback costs a shop $237? We're here so you can fix it right the first time
ALLDATA Tech-Assist 100K
ALLDATA Tech-Assist 100K

ALLDATA’s Tech-Assist team recently logged an important customer support milestone: the 100,000th case solved by the diagnostic and repair hotline service. Since its debut in 2014, Tech-Assist has earned rave reviews for its dedicated team of ASE-Certified Master Technicians, quick response time, and unwavering commitment to solving touch repair challenges – however many calls it takes.

Who Pays - 600
Who Pays - 335

Last month, we reported on results from the Who Pays for What? survey by Collision Advice and CRASH Network that showed the use of OEM information on the rise and ALLDATA’s continued dominance (73.4%) as the #1 choice for that essential repair information. Now let’s see what collision shop owners and techs had to say pre- and post-repair vehicle “health scans” and DTC research.

Who Pays - 600
Who Pays - 335

When it comes to getting paid for your work, it helps to have the top tools at your disposal. The Who Pays for What? survey shows that ALLDATA continues to be the most popular choice among body shops for researching OEM repair information and procedures. It also reveals how often shops are being compensated for dozens of collision-specific procedures and materials, from seat calibration to sound-deadening. For now, let’s take a closer look at what’s trending for OEM repair information. Next month, we’ll dig into shops’ feedback on pre- and post-repair vehicle “health scans” and DTC research. 

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In the spirit of April Fools’ Day, three of our Tech Tips are true … and two are pranks. But which two? Find out by clicking each one to unlock the true Tech Tips, or the pranks. Ultimately, we know there’s no foolin’ around when it comes to OEM-accurate, tech-verified automotive mechanical repairs.

EV Shock - 600
EV shock - 335

As manufacturers charge ahead with aggressive electric vehicle (EV) plans, the U.S. automotive consumer’s desire – and ability – to jump into the EV frontier lags far behind. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – and the subsequent ban on the import of oil and natural gas from Russia to the U.S. – is driving gas prices into the stratospheric range and crippling supply chains. This may prompt more consumers to consider an electric vehicle to avoid pain at the pump, but they’d better be prepared for more shocks: there are major obstacles to owning an EV in the near future.


Industry experts speculate that auto manufacturers will soon be adopting 800-volt electrical systems in their electric vehicles (EVs). The latest research shows that 800-volt electrical systems can lead to smaller, lighter, and more environmentally friendly motors. Vehicles using these powertrains could also be charged faster and travel further on a single charge.


In 2008, Volvo released “Collision Warning and Auto Brake,” the first automatic braking feature offered on a production vehicle. This early form of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) used radar mounted behind the front grill and a camera located on the rear-view mirror to detect vehicles and pedestrians in front of the car. It would then alert the driver of the obstacle and apply the brakes if the driver failed to react in a timely manner, very similar to the way that present day automatic braking functions.

EV - 600
EV - 335

If you were one of the 112 million viewers watching Super Bowl LVI last month (a safe bet, I assume?) you couldn’t miss all the hype around the commercials. As always, automobiles dominated the ads, but this year, six out of the seven auto ads in Super Bowl LVI featured electric vehicles (EVs). And while spending huge advertising dollars is a sure sign of where the industry is going, the reality is that there’s a long road ahead before we reach the end of the ICE age.

Shop Manager - 600
Shop Manager - 335

Starting a new shop from the ground up is no easy endeavor. Finding a location, purchasing equipment, and hiring the right people can be a long and tedious process. But before you open your doors for business, it’s important to have all your ducks in a row. You have to confirm you’re compliant to your local and state laws, and also make sure you have the right tools in place for your shop to succeed ...

ADAS - 600
ADAS - 335

The Car Doctor interviews ALLDATA VP Robert McBride

Ron Ananian is the owner of R/A Automotive in Waldwick, New Jersey. Since 1991, he has also educated and entertained millions of listeners through his nationally syndicated radio program, The Car Doctor. In December, Ron interviewed ALLDATA Vice President of Product Development Robert McBride on what’s fueling all the interest in ADAS. Listen to the audio from the program, or read on for a slightly edited version.

EV- 600
EV - 335

You’ve seen them driving around town, and hopefully by now you’ve probably encountered a few electric vehicles, or EVs, in your shop. If you’re one of the those that’s still apprehensive about servicing these vehicles, you’re not alone.

Satwinder - 600
Satwinder - 335

Autosphere interviews ALLDATA President Satwinder Mangat

Autosphere Magazine Editor-in-Chief Huw Evans recently interviewed ALLDATA President Satwinder Mangat on what’s down the road for mechanical and collision shops. Read on for their conversation about the increasing demand for accurate ADAS information and the potential for integrating mechanical and collision diagnostics in shops.

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