Issuing Refunds

Use this article to issue refunds on deposits or payments.

  • Note: Refunds can only be issued after the invoice has been finalized.

  • For instructions on issuing credits, see Crediting an Invoice.


Examples of when to use a refund vs. a credit:
  • Refund Example: A service advisor accidentally marked a $500 deposit as Cash, instead of Check. To correct this mistake, the service advisor processed the invoice, refunded the $500 marked as Cash, then reprocessed the invoice with the $500 marked as Check.

  • Credit Example: The invoice was processed with an incorrect price (COMPLETED invoices cannot be edited). The invoice should be fully credited, corrected, then re-invoiced.


  1. From an Invoice, click Refund.

  2. Click the green check mark for the payment you would like refund >> click Refund.

    • Note: Only one payment can be selected.

  1. Click Yes to refund the payment.

  2. The payment has been refunded.

    • Click Pay to make new make new payments on the invoice.

    • Click Refund to refund additional payments made on the invoice.