Using Suggested Jobs

Before custom jobs can be suggested, the following must be completed:
  1. Create Custom Jobs.
  2. Create Symptoms and Assign Suggested Jobs.

Don't want use Suggested Jobs? Learn how to Disable Suggested Jobs.


When an associated symptom has been added to an estimate, a list of Suggested Jobs will be displayed. Suggested Jobs can also be added to the work document manually.

Add a Custom Job to the Suggested Job list

Automatically - By Adding an Associated Symptom

  1. From the Work screen, add a symptom to the Work Document.
  2. Click Estimate.
  3. Note: The Suggested Jobs that display automatically, when adding a Symptom, will show a stethoscope icon.

Manually - By Selecting from the Custom Jobs List

After creating an Estimate or Repair Order:
  1. Click Suggested Jobs or the pencil icon.
  2. Select the Custom Jobs to be added to the Suggested Jobs list >> click Okay.
  • Note: The Suggested Jobs that have been added manually will display with a person icon.

Add a Custom Job to the Work Document from the Suggested Jobs list

  1. Click the check mark for the Suggested Job you would like to add to the Work Document.
  2. If the job requires catalog parts or labor to be added, complete the job by selecting items from the Pick List. 
  3. Make any additional changes to Work Descriptions or line items to further customize the Estimate for this job.