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Authorizing Repair Orders

Some states require estimates, or any changes to an estimate, to be authorized by the customer before work is performed.

Enabling Repair Order Authorizations

  1. Click Setup >> User Options >> General.

  2. Click the Enable R/O Authorization check box.

  3. Click Update.


Authorizing Repair Orders

When creating a Repair Order

  1. From the Estimate, click Create R/O.

  2. Select or enter an Authorizer >> select a Contact Method >> enter Contact Details (optional) >> click Authorize.

When changing a Repair Order

Note: Once Enable R/O Authorization has been activated, a red Authorization Required notification will appear on the Work screen when a change is made to the Repair Order.

  1. Click Authorization Required.

  2. Select or enter Notes (optional) >> Authorizer >> Contact Method >> Contact Details (optional) >> click Authorize.

Reviewing the Repair Order Authorization History

  1. From the Repair Order Authorization pop-up, click History.

  • Note: You can also access the Repair Order Authorization History by clicking Authorized on.  

  1. The Repair Order Authorization History will appear.